Drawing & Stamping

We Have Required Experience & Expertise To Develop The Product According To The Needs Of Our Customers

EPTA has been designing molds which are formed from metal sheets with a thickness of 1 mm to 6 mm and producing them according to mass production principles based on their technical drawings.

EPTA designs molds for the metal sheet products. At the end of this designing process, the molds become ready to be used in mass production. The products are shaped in EPTA’s press machines. We have experience and expertise to develop the product together with its customers.

EPTA has got;

  • 1x320 ton Eccentrical Press Machine
  • 1x160 ton Eccentrical Press Machine
  • 1x80 ton Eccentrical Press Machine
  • 1x30 ton Eccentrical Press Machine
  • 1x7 ton Hydrolic Press Machine
  • 2x100 ton Hydrolic Press Machine