About Us

The Leading Company In White Appliances, Automotive & Metal Industries since 1984


EPTA has a facility consists of 4900 m2 closed area and 7000 m2 total area. Since 1984, the date of establishment, EPTA has grown continuously by creating its own production technology with its dynamic and experienced employees. EPTA has so far designed the machines and equipments below by its own technical staff:

  • 5 continuous  brazing furnaces,
  • 48 semiautomatic machines for tube forming
  • 5 automatic tube cutting machines
  • 11 various test equipment for finished products

In addition to;

  • 2 hydraulic drawing press
  • 3 stamping machines
  • 18 cable knitting machines
  • Copper wire transfer machine
  • Pinning and crimping machines
  • 1 automatic cable cutting machine